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Level 4, 15 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia

Courses for Postgraduates, Academics & Editors

Capstone College helps postgrads, editors and female academics truly excel by offering a comprehensive suite of online and face-to-face courses and providing support tailored to each individual.

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Capstone College provides industry-leading online courses to assist postgrads in every aspect of their studies, ensuring they achieve academic success. Our clients complete their uni degrees successfully, on time and stress free.

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Capstone College offers courses tailored to female academics to help redress gender disparity in academia, especially at the higher levels. From the pressure to publish, to planning for promotion, we have you covered.

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Whether you are launching your editing career or are a seasoned professional looking to refresh and update your expertise, Capstone College’s editing courses will skyrocket your skills and knowledge, ensuring you reach the next level.

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Everything you need to succeed

Capstone College is Australia’s premier provider of specialist courses delivered online and through face-to-face intensives—designed to give you exactly the skills and support you are missing.

Capstone College was founded with the aim of filling a growing gap in the tertiary education system. Universities are under immeasurable strain and no longer able to adequately provide their students, academics and graduates (especially those looking for careers in editing) with the academic and language skills and personalised support they really need to succeed.

At the foundation of all our specialist courses is a focus on language and communication, which is the cornerstone of both academia and editing. It’s through this lens that we teach everything you need to know about researching, writing, grammar, editing, publishing, networking and even business—as it pertains to your career—to give you the tools to complete your degree or advance your career and transform your aspirations into reality.

Why Capstone College?

The courses taught by Dr Lisa Lines and her stellar team of academics and highly qualified editors will ensure that you:

  • Have a detailed roadmap of exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it
  • Learn all the academic skills and attain all the knowledge you need to succeed
  • Are taught by an expert team of the highest calibre
  • Gain expertise that is no longer adequately taught to students by their universities
  • Get all the help you need, when you need it
  • Feel supported throughout your journey
  • Avoid the huge financial and emotional cost of failing your degree or stalling in your career
  • Reach your goals without destroying your body, mind or relationships through stress

By making the small investment to undertake a Capstone College course, you will secure the significantly larger investment you’ve already made in your studies or career.

The Capstone College Team

Specialist academic team

The Director of Capstone College, Dr Lisa Lines—also the Director and Head Editor of Capstone Editing—is an academic, specialist academic editor, historian and author. She has extensive experience in the field of academic learning and teaching, which she has leveraged perfectly in the form of this company to help as many students as she possibly can.

The Capstone College staff is a team of academic rock stars. They’ve been supervisors, lecturers, academic consultants, researchers, learning and teaching advisors, academic editors and authors. They’ve worked for the best universities and the largest publishing houses, in Australia and internationally. And all with superior rates of student completions, impressive publication records and amazing career achievements under their belts.

Female postgrad student working on a Capstone College course outdoors on a tablet

The value of online and intensive courses

At Capstone College, you can be taught by—and access all the knowledge, tips and tricks of—these incredible experts as if you were working right there with them, but without the exorbitant price tag. Working with our clients online through comprehensive courses and delivering face-to-face training using an intensive format allows us to give you the very best knowledge and support in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our online courses allow you both to work at your own pace and choose the amount and type of support you need. They give you access to the expansive knowledge of brilliant minds without limiting you to only those employed by your university—and who have the time to help you.

Our intensive short courses provide an exclusive opportunity to learn from talented teachers such as Dr Lisa Lines in an intimate environment, allowing you to acquire an incredible amount of invaluable knowledge in a very short space of time.