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Level 4, 15 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia

Courses for Editors

Online and intensive courses for editors at all stages of their career. Capstone College’s courses teach excellence, not mere competence. Our trainers’ expert industry knowledge and brilliance in teaching is what makes the difference.

Dr Lisa Lines working at her desk

Your expert trainer

Dr Lisa Lines is not only widely regarded as one of the best and most experienced academic editors in Australia, she has also personally trained a significant number of the other editors held in similar regard both within the speciality of academic editing and in other fields of professional editing, including fiction, corporate, legal, medical and scientific and generalist.

Dr Lines' editing students and mentees have gone on to have wildly successful careers as editors in various capacities—working with her at Capstone Editing; running successful freelance businesses; gaining employment at publishing houses and major universities; and working in corporate communication.

Every editor Lisa has ever trained has passed the challenging IPEd exam the first time.

In addition to her expertise as an editor, Dr Lines is an accomplished educator, author, academic and historian. She has lectured at all three major South Australian universities and the University of New South Wales, Canberra (Australian Defence Force Academy). Dr Lines has taught and mentored thousands of students throughout her academic and editing career. It is this wealth of experience and steadfast dedication to the academia, research and professional advancement that Dr Lines brings to every unit, module and course.

Lisa Lines working with colleagues

As an experienced educator, Dr Lines is acutely aware of the challenges faced by postgraduate students, particularly students who have English as a second language. As a published author and historian, Dr Lines understands the pressure to publish that is placed on academics, particularly women and early-career academics. This rare combination of teaching, editing, academic and research abilities has allowed Dr Lines to recognise the weaknesses in current industry and tertiary educational offerings. Addressing these challenges with her characteristic enthusiasm and relatable approach, Dr Lines has created something truly unique: an accessible, affordable online training college, equipped to meet the challenges of the modern education system.

Dr Lines’ has trained countless editors in a range of formats. She has trained editors at Capstone Editing and at her previous academic editing business, facilitated study groups through state editor societies, and taught editing and writing at tertiary level. Her extensive industry knowledge of editing and writing also saw her invited to teach Advanced Editing and Publishing and Advanced Technical Writing at the University of South Australia (UniSA). She continues to serve on the Industry Advisory Group for the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages at that university, helping to improve the quality of graduates from their degrees.

Dr Lisa Lines working on editing courses

With her reputation as an educator and expert, Dr Lines’ services as a trainer are in high demand. Twice a year at Capstone Editing, Dr Lines opens the doors for her major hiring rounds. Only a tiny percentage of the 400 or more applicants who apply each time are accepted into Capstone Editing’s highly coveted training program. In fact, fewer than 20 are shortlisted and never have more than 10 gone on to be hired at any one time!

The importance of life-long learning is a pillar of Dr Lines’ approach, and this is reflected by the ongoing training that she provides at Capstone Editing. Both beginning editors and advanced professionals are given personalised, ongoing professional education to ensure they’re always the best they can be.

Courses for Editors

Since becoming a mother and launching Capstone Editing, Dr Lines has restricted herself to training the editors chosen for employment at Capstone Editing. However, for the first time in five years, Dr Lines is now opening the doors to allow small, exclusive groups of editors to join her for these intensive short courses. Don’t miss out on this incredibly valuable opportunity.

Your Editing Career Launched

For Any Level

Your Editing Career Launched

For editors at any stage of their career, including established editors, beginners, and people who are considering a career in editing, Your Editing Career Launched is the perfect intensive course. It will take you from where you are now and equip you to jump start your career or advance you to the next level with lightning speed.

Refresh Your Grammar Skills

For Any Level

Refresh Your Grammar Skills

A fantastic editor doesn't just know how to correct errors, she or he knows how to explain to the author why the original text was an error, using the correct terminology. It's also important to make corrections based on a sound knowledge of the rules of grammar, rather than relying on gut instinct. This comprehensive grammar refresher will remind you of all the advanced grammatical rules you may have forgotten and teach you a few more!

Kickstart your Freelance Editing Business

For Any Level

Kickstart Your Freelance Editing Business

Want to establish yourself as a freelance editor? This fast-paced course puts the focus on the business side of things, including advertising, online marketing, sales, client support, legalities, accounting and everything in between. It will take you through the entire process—starting from where you're at (based on a comprehensive pre-course questionnaire) and help you to reach your business goals.

Skyrocket Your Editing Career

Intermediate Editors

Skyrocket Your Editing Career

An intensive, face-to-face course designed to help intermediate editors improve their skills quickly, to help them reach the next level in their career.

The course contains a significant focus on advanced grammar—the very hardest bits that all professionals must know how to handle!

Beyond 2020: New technologies and methods in Electronic Editing

Professional & Advanced Professional Editors

Beyond 2020: New Technologies and Methods in Electronic Editing

Editors must be committed to life-long learning, not just because language is constantly evolving but also because technologies that can assist editing and word processing are developing at an extremely fast pace. It's integral that editors stay on top of these latest developments. This in-depth workshop will allow you to do exactly that.