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Courses for Postgraduates

The secret to successfully completing your postgraduate degree on time and stress free!

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Your Thesis Accepted

Everything you need to know to successfully complete your postgrad degree, stress free!

Our signature course Your Thesis Accepted lets you reclaim your time, energy and confidence, allowing you to finish your degree without being overwhelmed, feeling unsupported or stressing about your academic abilities.

This user-friendly online course will:

Give you a proven framework to successfully execute your research and write your thesis

Take out the guess work and boost your chance of success

Help you get the most out of your supervisor and mentors

Teach you foundational academic skills like writing, research methods and referencing

Give you an edge over other postgraduate students

Provide tried and tested time management strategies

Postgraduate completeing course

Whether you are enrolled in a PhD, master’s or honours degree, we have you covered. We’ve designed Your Thesis Accepted as a two-tier course. There’s one specifically tailored for students completing Honours and another for postgrads at master’s and PhD level.

The course to support students writing a master’s or PhD thesis is longer (of course!) and inclusive of everything that you need to do in those higher degrees that you don’t need to do for your honours . There’s a big difference between what you need to know to write an 18,000-word honours thesis and an 80,000-word PhD thesis, and the two tiers of our course reflect that.

All you need to do is let us know what level you are studying at, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Enrol for 2019 and receive

  • Orientation Bonuses—How to Find Funding and Mindset and Motivation
  • Access to our comprehensive online course: The entire 14 modules (or 10 for the Honours level) containing all the skills and support you’ll need throughout your degree—From your planning stage to submitting your thesis and everything in between
  • Instant download of our customised worksheets, planning schedules and much more
  • Extensive library and resources
  • Post-Degree Bonuses—Job Hunting Inside Academia and Out and How to Make Friends and Network with People
  • Exclusive access to a members’ only Facebook group in which Dr Lines and her team of academic advisers will answer all your questions and support you through your entire degree

Sounds good right? Imagine how you’re going to feel when you hand in your perfectly presented thesis with the confidence that it’s going to be accepted.

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